Sunday, August 12, 2007

They forget about Dick Gordon

They forget about Dick Gordon
By Ramon Tulfo
Last updated 02:23am (Mla time) 08/09/2007

Sen. Loren Legarda, the topnotcher in the recent senatorial election; Senate President Manuel Villar; and Sen. Mar Roxas, also a topnotcher in the 2004 senatorial election, are presidential wannabes.

Then there is Vice President Noli de Castro, a breath away from the presidency.
Of course, there’s Sen. Panfilo Lacson who’s salivating over the country’s highest post even after being trounced in the 2004 presidential election.

But we forget one guy who’s also very much qualified—in fact, even more qualified than the others—to become President: Sen. Richard Gordon.

Gordon not only has the credentials for the highest position of the land, he’s also emotionally capable.

He was mayor of Olongapo City that became a very clean and orderly city; a member of the 1971 Constitutional Convention; chair of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA); and secretary of tourism.

But it was at the SBMA where Gordon’s star shone brightly. He showed that Filipinos were capable of discipline when drivers plying the former US naval base followed traffic rules and visitors kept the premises clean and crime-free.

During his time, the Subic Freeport became one of Asia’s busiest business and economic hubs.
Multinational companies made Subic Freeport their headquarters in Southeast Asia because of Dick Gordon.

A strict boss, Gordon is also a very altruistic guy.

His Olongapo City rescue team was the first at the scene of a building that collapsed in Cabanatuan City during the 1990 earthquake.

Gordon’s rescue team at the SBMA was also the first to undertake recovery operations at the pagoda tragedy in Bocaue, Bulacan, in 1993.

While campaigning for the Senate in the 2004 elections, Gordon chanced upon a burning market in a town in Nueva Ecija. Noticing that firemen and the police were at a loss putting out the fire, Dick took charge of the firefighting.

Right now, Dick is putting his altruism in action by being chair of the Philippine National Red Cross. The Red Cross is at the forefront of helping disaster victims. Now, tell me, who among the presidential aspirants can beat Dick in experience and action?

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Joey of Colorado said...

Dick Gordon should be the next President of our beloved country The Philippines he is the only candidate among the 9 who has the experience, motivation, capability and vision to move our country from stagnation. I THINK THE PHILIPPINES IS NOT A 3RD WORLD BUT DROPPING TO A 4TH WORLD in its development as a whole. But with the latest voting surveys he's just number 4. Even Ex-con Estrada is ahead of him. Wake-up all Filipino voters... use your brains, vote wisely, the country is going down the drain, this is your only chance to CHANCE and help and move our country in the blink of stagnation. Do not vote because of the popularity of a candidate OR a candidate with Billions to spend OR a candidate saying God is with him. If you vote for these candidates then suffer the consequence. Don't go to EDSA for another people power.