Monday, October 22, 2007

Red Cross on Continued Assessment and Aid to the Victims of the Glorietta II Bombing

It was around 1:30 PM last Friday, 19 October when the operation center of the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) got the news on the explosion that occurred at Glorieta II Mall, Makati City. Upon receiving the news, the PNRC immediately deployed six ambulances with 20 staff and volunteers of medical and rescue team from different PNRC Chapters to initially provide search, rescue, and medical assistance to the victims of the blast incident. Then, three Social Workers were also sent to the Hospitals where the patients had been taken to set-up welfare desk and assist the families who where looking for their loved ones suspected to be in the blast-site and to provide stress debriefing to other affected persons.

The PNRC was the very first team to lead the retrieval operation since last night till present. Subsequently, at around 2:30 PM the PNRC rescue and medical team successfully located the missing body of Mr. Rennier Tan, buried under the debris of the ruined building.

To date, the PNRC operation center is still monitoring and assessing the needs of the victims and answering the calls of their loved ones round – the – clock. The action officers on duty had been continuously monitoring the updates and situation of the victims.

The latest report received by the PNRC from the Acute Cure Center of Ospital ng Makati as of 5:45 PM today, two patients confined in their hospital were already discharged this afternoon at around 4:45 PM respectively. The only person who is still in their care is Monie Amamag 34/F who is about to be transferred to Makati Medical Center.

In the Makati Medical Center, the persons still under their care are: Ma. Rebecca Aruyal 37/F, Cecilia Alfonso 49/F, Cesaria bajar 50/F, Kristina Dungca 19/F Bonnie Escolo 30/M, Ma. Melissa Estrada 31/F, Rolando Ganaban, 19/M, Hae Kim 24/F, Maricel Marcelo 42/F, Orlando In Ospital ng Makati, Pembo Makati, Ricardo Petras is still in their care. Robinson M, Robby Ross Serrano 22/M, and Shiela Mae Tingson 21/F.

On the latest news tonight, the remains of the reported missing person Maureen De Leon was located by the PNRC team and Makati rescue team at around 10: 30 PM. The body of the victim was excavated below the stair of the basement of the ruined building. The body was identified by Maureen’s cousin who is among the rescuer.

To date there are still two persons reported missing: Vergel Baron and Cristy Sulit. Len- len Tan and David Enriques who were reported missing earlier were already united with their families.

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