Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gordon: Surveys on candidates should be kept private to prevent mind conditioning

Senator Richard J. Gordon (Ind.) today said that political surveys should only serve as a guide for candidates and therefore should be kept private to prevent undue conditioning of people’s minds.

Gordon said the main purpose of surveys, particularly those about how well political candidates are doing, is to help aspirants decide for their political careers.

“Surveys must be used as a guide for candidates to inform them privately on where they are strong or where they are weak, or what issues they need to engage in or what platforms they need to embark on,” he said.

The senator added that since there is a cost involved in subscribing or sponsoring surveys, the results of such polls should not be used to massage the minds of the people or to create a bandwagon effect on the electorate.

“People who can subscribe or sponsor surveys should not be allowed to use survey results to get more money and support for their candidacies simply because they are ranking very high on these polls,” Gordon said.

He also cautioned the public on their basis in choosing the next leaders of the country, stressing that the qualifications of a candidate should be the primary consideration in deciding for the nation’s future officials.

Gordon said every vote is precious, which is why it is important that people use their right of suffrage wisely. The electorate should know every candidate’s position on issues crucial to the nation’s progress and development.

“We must be able to discern well for the common good of our nation. If we believe in a candidate’s qualifications and track record, we should vote for that candidate and not let others influence us,” he said.

“Election is not about popularity or money. It is about the careful choosing of our nation’s next leaders who should have clear vision, right values, track record, competence and integrity,” he added. (30/tgp)


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mayorramonguico said...

Well, I agree with you there, it is just right to kept private the surveys on candidates to prevent mind conditioning. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this interesting post. Looking forward for your next post.