Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gordon calls to revisit RP values to bring about genuine change

Independent Senator Richard J. Gordon today sought for a paradigm shift in the way the Filipinos think, speak and act to bring about the kind of change that the country desperately needs.


Gordon said a community of people who think, speak, and act for the common good is what the Bagumbayan Movement, which he started, aims to create.


"It's time we change the paradigm. It's time that we have a Bagumbayan," he said.


"Kailangan natin magkaroon ng tapang at ng pagbabago sa paraan ng ating pag-iisip at pag-uugali upang tuluyan nating mabago ang ating bansa," he added.


Gordon explained that the Bagumbayan Movement seeks to rediscover and revitalize the Filipinos' identity by having a vision grounded on values and empowered by volunteerism.


The senator stressed the need for change so that the country may depart from its current state where corruption is committed with impunity and perpetrators go unpunished.


He said that change can start by electing the country's leaders through a clean, honest, and credible election which can be brought about by an automated system of elections where everyone can be certain that their votes will be counted.


"Dapat may sarili tayong pag-iisip, tayo ang magdedesiyon. Mahalin natin ang ating boto. Kahit pa sabihing matatalo ang kandidato mo, kung naniniwala ka doon sa kandidato mo, 'yun ang iboto mo," Gordon said.


He also said that it is time for the Filipino people to start breaking the walls in their minds by regaining confidence in their capabilities and being courageous about the future.


"Our quest is not for the victory of one man or woman in the 2010 polls.  Our quest is for the victory of all Filipinos for Bagumbayan is where we Filipinos will find our future, not in foreign shores, but in our very own native Filipinas," Gordon said.


"We must have a vision for where we want our nation to be and mold ourselves to the values that will help us achieve this vision," he added. (30)

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