Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gordon: Public grows indifferent towards political parties

In a period when political parties in the country seem to be mere organizations that promote personalities rather than ideologies, the public has grown indifferent to it, seeking for a party that truly promotes the people's welfare, Independent Senator Richard J. Gordon today said.


Gordon said political parties have been considered by many as an essential part of a national candidate's political campaign. However, he continued, these political organizations do not declare what they truly stand for.


"What do political parties in our country stand for? Do they stand for what the country and the people truly need?" he said.


"A political party should not just be a tool for political interests. It should be a movement that has a vision for the country, guided by the right values and encourages the people to be one with the government to effect the kind of change our country needs," he added.


Gordon noted that a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey in November 2006, months before the 2007 mid-term elections, showed that 67% or two-thirds of the 1,200 respondents nationwide said no party promotes their welfare.


He said the result of the survey shows that political parties in the country do not reach out to the people. They only serve as part of the political machinery of candidates running for public office, but they do not present visions, policies and platforms.


He added that this forms a scenario where people become indifferent towards political parties and instead, they support the resurgence of movements working for good governance and good electoral exercise.


"The public seeks for a party that has vision for the people, promotes values formation, and moves for social transformation through volunteerism. This is what the Bagumbayan Movement is all about," Gordon said.


"What do political parties in the country stand for? I know what Bagumbayan stands for. It stands for responsibility, good governance, law and order, strong and growing economy, education, health care, jobs, homes, family and environment," he added.


Bagumbayan is a grassroots organization committed to work towards change in the country by pushing for voters' registration and campaigning for poll automation to achieve clean, honest, orderly and credible elections. It has 30,000 card-bearing members from all over the country and is still counting.


"Bagumbayan is anchored on a simple formula of 'Vision + Values + Volunteerism = Victory'.  It is a New Philippines where everyone is enabled, ennobled and free; a community of people who think, speak and act for the common good," Gordon said. (30)



Anonymous said...

Hope he focus on Corruption, Job Creation and Tourism. Limited Govt and More open to investors abroad so Filipino's don't have to go overseas to find a job. He definately get my vote.

mayorramonguico said...

Nice post! I enjoyed reading this. Anyway, I'm been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.